Saturday, July 14, 2018

Happy 4th of July!

   We had a hot, dry and windy holiday - so windy that the city had to postpone their fireworks display. That's okay - better to be safe!

   With this heat, and with having treated my lawn to deter crabgrass, I have been spending quite a bit of time trying to save my lawn, since the beginning of summer. We finally had a nice gentle rain last night, and my lawn and plants seem visibly relieved. I still need to dig up quite a bit of dead crabgrass, but I just keep after it.  I'm not going to try to over-seed until fall, anyway, because of the heat.  Also, I need to wait because I just applied some leftover fertilizer to the bluegrass, since it seemed so dry and stressed.  Just in time for that rain, too. Believe it or not, it seems to have already "greened up."

   My zucchini plants have so many blossoms, but I had to move the planter over by the flowers, in order to access the bees for pollination.  . 

Zucchini Blossom with Bee

   I'm still waiting for some zucchinis, though, and fear that I should have thinned them out to begin with.  I added some fertilizer yesterday, though, so let's wait and see.

Trumpet Lilies

  Here's an older bed of trumpet lily bulbs.  I'll be thinning these out this year.

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