Thursday, December 20, 2018

It's five days before Christmas, and it's really beginning to look like it!

Front of the house

Note the net-lighted tumbleweeds behind the Creche - I knew they would come in handy!

Corner display - I even managed to include my Kaleidoscope projector light onto the pine tree.

Here are some colored solar discs that I ordered online to begin my decorations. They had to charge for eight hours before use.  I used them in front before I had time to work on the rest of the display, so they were useful and decorative.

We had been barraged by more high winds the week before, so it took a lot of raking, again, to clean up the debris of leaves and pine needles before proceeding.

The tree is high-maintenance in the fall, (this is the 2nd dumpster-full) but so happy to be rid of its dead pine needles!
Happy Scotch Pine tree!

The front yard had more aspen leaves, and tumbleweeds, to clean up, again.  I ended up using the tumbleweeds to hide a really bulky bunch of lighting and adapter plugs, and as a southwestern-style backdrop for the creche.

See the rough and tumble tumbleweeds, (yes, there's more than one in there) tamed by Christmas lights, above 💪