Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Day 14 -The basil and oregano are flourishing - the parsley not so much. The broccoli is very spindly and fragile. Five nasturtium seeds sprouted nicely, which I'm happy about because I plan to intersperse them with the tomotoes and vegetables for insect control. The gallardia is just starting, but the chives, forget me nots and blueflax haven't germinated (yet?). There are a couple of very fragile looking spinach and eggplant seedlings. The Envy (Lime green) zinnias are disappointing, because they did germinate, and then regressed . I'll definitely try planting them again outside in a few weeks. I grew them one year with pink verbenas, and I received lots of compliments on the combination. I plan to transplant the basil, oregano and butternut squash within 48 hours- not outside yet - just into larger containers.

The back yard is greening up, and I haven't watered at all.

However, the front is only greening up in spots, and it is very dry. It faces south and east.

Some of my neighbors have already started watering, but I've been waiting until all danger of frost has passed.

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