Friday, March 23, 2018

I Have to Start My Garden Seedlings ASAP

    I am feeling a sense of urgency to start my Spring seedlings.  I bought my seedling tray at Walmart about two weeks ago, and my supposed soil, at Big Lots.  I was happy, because I liked the Ferry Morse Pro-Hex Professional Seed Starting Tray ($5.00 USD), with its six-sided "cells," which Ferry Morse claims encourage better and stronger root systems than the standard round cells.  It made sense to me. Including the Greenhouse Dome, what could go wrong?

    And, I was especially pleased with myself because I had bought two large bags of Miracle Grow Organic Choice Garden Soil (as opposed to non-organic generic garden soil), for $8.50 USD each.

    However, upon reading the fine print, I realized that I didn't have the most optimal soil for starting my seeds, because the circle in the middle of the back of the package says, "NOT FOR CONTAINERS."  Apparently, this soil is really for in-ground planting, and needs to be mixed with soil from my yard. I really don't want to use the soil from my yard for my edibles, because it might contain some of the fertilizer and crab grass deterrent that I recently applied onto my lawn.  It will work okay, I think, for my flowers, but I realized that I really want to use containers for my vegetables and herbs. So, I decided to go ahead and buy some Miracle-Grow Seed Starting Potting Mix, Specially Formulated For Fast Root Development, and then plan on picking out a good "organic container mix," when its time to transplant, rather than try to make due with the "garden soil."

   I really want this to be successful, and have tried just "roughing it" before with generic soil and seed starting trays, unsuccessfully.  I found the special seed starting mix on the shelf at Home Depot, for $4.76 USD. It's only 8 quarts, though, as opposed to the Organic Choice Garden Soil, at 2 cubic feet. 

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